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3 Benefits Of Regular Tree Service

Posted on July 19th, 2016

3 Benefits Of Regular Tree Service

To any home with trees, there is always an established sense of feeling, elegance, and beauty. However, the reverse can be the case should the trees be poorly maintained, since they can be short-lived. As a result, they can lead to property damage and create personal safety hazards in your home.

At least an inspection or pruning is recommended yearly for certain trees that are located around power poles, along a property line or near your home. Below are some essential benefits of trimming your trees regularly.

It helps to improve tree health

Pruning which is an act of getting rid of diseased, weak, dead or insect-infested limbs can prolong the life of your trees. This goes a long way in promoting overall health even before they start to rot.

Additionally, the overall appearance of your trees can be greatly improved through regular trimming. The removal of unwanted branches from off the tree can help its desirable parts to flourish. Also, the production of leaves flowers and fruit can be greatly improved when excess limbs are removed from the tree.

Protect your home and property

Trees can be a potential threat to your home especially if their branches are hanging over your home. During a strong wind or storm, they can cause serious damage to your property if they break off or slam into your home. Also, a tree located near a home can cause additional damage with its branches over time. These branches can cause roof leaks when they burrow their way under the shingles of your home roofing.

The importance of trimming trees cannot be overemphasized as trees located around power poles can grow into the lines if they are left without trimming. As a result, this can create a risk of power loss and damage the power lines. Although regular trimming activities are carried out by most utility companies near public thoroughfares and around overhead lines, however, homeowners are often required to handle the task of trimming trees located around power lines on their private property themselves (i.e. at their own expense).

It helps to keep your family safe and protected

By getting rid of low-hanging limbs and cracked branches that are at risk of falling, pruning can help to prevent injuries to those who are on your property. It prevents people from bumping into the low-hanging limbs of your tree.

The weight of your tree can be effectively reduced through proper pruning which is likely to withstand a snowstorm and save the tree from breaking due to the constant strain supporting a heavy weight.

In conclusion, the look, feel and value of your property can be richly enhanced through regular maintenance of your trees without creating unwanted, expensive property damage and putting the lives of your family members in danger.

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