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When It's Time To Call A Professional Tree Service

Posted on July 13th, 2016

When It's Time To Call A Professional Tree Service

Nothing adds character to a yard like a tree. It’s true. Whether it’s a stately oak, a lively maple, or an ancient cedar, tress provide an excellent source of shade, wind resistance, and wildlife to a yard that would otherwise simply be just a bunch of grass. This is especially true in the suburbs where forested areas are few and far between. But, like most other living things, trees to be looked after and cared for. The average person doesn’t have the skill set to do this, so more often than not they hire a tree service to take care of their woody companions.

The question isn’t, “Should I hire a service to take care of my trees?” but “When do I hire a service to take care of my trees?” Let’s be honest, most people aren’t going to call a tree service out to their house once a year to assess the health of their tress. So, in order to help make the decision, it’s helpful to know some common signs that your trees may need some TLC. Listed below are four common signs that it’s time to call in a professional.

1) Dead or Dying Branches

Probably the most easily noticed of the four signs is dead branches. Their easy to identify (hint: they don’t have leaves in the summer) and are a good indicator of the trees overall         health. Dead and dying branches are a sign of disease and just like with humans, disease can spread between trees.

2) The Branches are Starting to Get too Long

If you can’t walk under your tree (assuming its tall enough in the first place) or its branches are touching your house or other structures on your property, then the branches are probably too long. You’re missing out on a lot of shade if you can’t get under your tree and that can ruin parts of your lawn. Also, long branches pose a safety hazard, especially if you live in area that’s known for high winds and storms.

3) What about Those Bottom Branches?

If you can’t see sunlight when you look up through to the top of your tree, then the branches are too close together. When you can’t see sunlight, the bottom branches don’t get sunlight and they can start to die off. Having a tangle of branches also inhibits the flow of carbon dioxide to the branches and this means trouble for the trees respiratory system.

4) What’s Wrong with that Tree?

Some trees just don’t look right. It can be misshapen, lopsided, or have areas densely populated by branches right next to a bare spot. These are all signs that your tree isn’t growing correctly and if it’s not addressed to can cause serious damage and possible death to your tree.

If you notice any of the above signs, then you need to get professional help – with your tress, that is.

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